VRLOGIC: SONIC4 – 27” displays. Introducing the NEW Sonic4 system which utilizes an adjustable angle of the screens. It’s a Full-HD solution using 2x 27” (68.6cm) LED-Monitors (1.920 x 1.080, 5 ms, (h/v) 170° / 160°), including an external flip-box for the upper display.

zSpace: is a revolutionary 24“ display with passive circular 120 Hz stereo 3D polarization technology capable displaying flicker-free Full-HD Resolution. It includes an integrated optical tracking system for the users view and a 6DOF Stylus for intuitively manipulation and navigation. It offers a new dimension interacting and viewing 3D data.

True3Di: Bringing the latest technology to the worldwide stereoscopic 3D community is True3Di’s mission. True3Di has committed itself to ultimate stereo 3D imaging innovations with top-tier R&D team and cutting-edge technology. We devoted to develop stereo imaging technology for the next generation of high-quality 3D products.

ASUS: Enter an immersive 3-dimensional Full HD 1080p world with ASUS. Through the use of market-leading 3D technology and active shutter glasses, ASUS instantly takes you into another dimension — transforming your professional applications data into Stereo3D data.