TRUE3Di monitors offer the most visually sharp and dynamic 3D stereo images

Using a combination of special designed LCD panels and patented technology, we are able to provide full-resolution imagery with extraordinary brightness and contrast. Besides, there are still many factors determine the display clarity such as pixel density, stereo leakage, color tracking, luminance response, screen reflectance, …etc. Yes we do know the monitor box looks a little bit bulky, but we insist on doing the right thing as it is the guarantee of True3Di ‘s well-known superior stereo effect and the best value-for-your-money.

SDM-240 or the SDM-240 SDI

Full HD + Highest Contrast Ratio + Multi-Format

True3Di 24” monitor is the perfect choice for professional users who need top-class stereo image quality to conduct high-end image interpretation or 3D film post production. It features dual wide LCD panels and half mirror to deliver Full HD images to each eye and further create a stunning Full HD 3D world (1920×1200 in stereo mode). It is ideal for users who need to spend long hours on viewing 3D every day.

Closed monitor box design guarantees the best stereo image quality by preventing potential leakage of the LCD brightness or interference lights from external environment. Therefore, you can still easily perform your work on our monitor in a light office environment. Besides, closed system also fastens all valuable components inside and ensures perfect alignment between two LCD panels. Anti-reflection coating is also applied on the front covered glass to avoid extra reflection.

SDM-080 or the SDM-121 SDI

Portable + Accurate + Efficient

True3Di 8″/12″ monitor is a portable version designed for real time viewing of 3D contents. It is a powerful tool for directors, producers, stereographers or anyone who want to perform excellent quality control during 3D shooting. It gives the users a real-time output for better manipulation and adjustment of the degrees and depth perception. Display also can be viewed horizontally or vertically with 3d stereoscopic camera system, if needed.